Our projects are mostly carried out at the Smart BioEd Lab, Biology Teachers’ Professional Learning Communities, and TCSS center.

Ongoing Projects

*The effect of digital curation on secondary-school biology students’ personolaized and self-regulated learning [Rivka Gadot, Gal Stern & Dina Tsybulsky]. The project is funded by Israeli Ministry of Education (No. 36/12.2020)

*Digital curation as promoting biology teachers’ pedagogical reasoning and professional learning [Efrat Dayan & Dina Tsybulsky].

*Development of biology coordinators’ professional identity as pedagogical leaders through participation in a virtual learning community [Odelia Shrira, Dina Tsybulsky & Christin Ipsen]. The project is partially funded by EuroTech Alliance.

*Emotional experiences and resilience of the Arab and Druze teachers during Covid-19 crisis [Arwa Ismail & Dina Tsybulsky]. The project is funded by Israeli Ministry of Education (No. 23/11.20/1).

*Incorporating project-based learning approach into distance learning and its contribution to the development of preservice teachers’ professional identity [Yulia Muchnik-Rozanov & Dina Tsybulsky]. The project is funded by Technion Research Grant (No. 76545816).

*Teacher education during the COVID-19 crisis: Pre-service teacher’s experiences and attitudes towards remote teaching [Keren Dagan & Dina Tsybulsky]. The project is funded by Israeli Ministry of Education (No. 23/11.20/2).

*Integration between statistics education, science education, and nature of science education in a citizen science project [Michal Dvir, Haya Ben Simon & Dina Tsybulsky in collaboration with Keren Aridor, Dani Ben-Zvi]. The project is partially funded by University of Haifa-Technion Research Grant.

*The development of nature of science understanding among students engaged in a citizen science project [Yoval Perez & Dina Tsybulsky in collaboration with  Nirit Lavie Alon and Osnat Atias].

*Natural History Museums educators’ conceptions on the integration of the aspects of nature of science in guidance [Anna Pshenichny-Mamo & Dina Tsybulsky].

Completed Projects

*Project-based learning in preservice teachers’ pedagogical practicum [Dina Tsybulsky, Yulia Muchnik-Rozanov & Atar Oz]. Related publications

*Shaping teachers’ perceptions of their role in the digital age through participation in an online PBL-based course [Orit Avidov-Ungar & Dina Tsybulsky]. Related publications

*Teachers’ worldviews and identity in the context of Digital Revolution [Ilya Levin, Dina Tsybulsky, Yulia Muchnik-Rozanov & Nitzan Hagai-Koren]. The project was funded by ISF Research Grant (No. 1212/17). Related publications

*Trends in STEM teaching in Digital Society [Dina Tsybulsky, Ilya Levin, Ari Gero & Gilad Shamir]. Related publications

*The effect of field trips to university research labs on Israeli high school students’ NOS understanding [Dina Tsybulsky, Jeff Dodick & Jeff Camhi]. The project was funded by Israeli Ministry of Education and Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship. Related publications