Smart BioEd Lab

The establishing of the Smart BioEd lab is based on the realization that we are living in a period of intensive change as society is transitioning into the digital age. The changes and their social implications have a significant impact on spheres of life such as science and education. Particularly, the potential benefits of a traditional school laboratory for teaching science disciplines are diminishing and, as a result, the functionality of such a lab is called into question and requires clarification. This issue cannot be fully addressed by equipping laboratories with emerging digital technological means, although this is important. More significant is the change in people’s perception of the principles of scientific inquiry and the fundamentals of teaching science. That is why the need for a Smart BioEd Lab that meets the requirements of an intensively changing world is very topical and timely.

The Smart BioEd Lab enables the following functions: 1) Implementation of up-to-date biological scientific practices; 2) Integration of various emerging educational technologies; 3) Performance of empirical research in the field of biological education in the digital age.

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Dina Tsybulsky

Lab manager: Elena Senchishev

Courses at the Lab

  • Inquiry Project in Biology Education (course number 214600)
  • Developments in Biology Education (course number 216116)
  • Science and Technology Education in Digital Society (course number 216151)
  • Inquiry-based Science Learning (course number 216136)
  • Nature of Science in High School (course number 218326)
  • Methods for Biology Teaching (course number 214502)