Latest Publications
  • Tsybulsky, D. & Sinai, E. (2022). IoT in project-based biology learning: students’ experiences and skills development. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 1-12.
  • Tsybulsky, D. & Muchnik-Rozanov, Y. (2021). Project-based learning in science-teacher education: The role of emotional experiences in building preservice teachers’ competencies. Special Issue on PBL, Journal of Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Education Research, 3(9), 1-12.
  • Avidov-Ungar, O. & Tsybulsky, D. (2021). Shaping teachers’ perceptions of their role in the digital age through participation in an online PBL-based course. The Electronic Journal of e-Learning, 19(3), 186-198.
  • Tsybulsky, D. & Muchnik-Rozanov, Y. (2021). Worldviews of science teachers in educational-technological context as a key factor in digitalization of teaching practices. Israel Science Foundation Gateway, F1000Research,  10(71).
  • Muchnik-Rozanov, Y. & Tsybulsky, D. (2021). Examining future-oriented discourse within reflective narratives as professional identity development for student teachers. Journal of Education for Teaching, 47(3). PDF.
  • Guberman, R. & Tsybulsky, D. (2021). Lesson plans as a mirror: A close look at planning of work with underachieving students. International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education, 16(1), em062. PDF.
  • Edmondson, E., Burgin, S., Tsybulsky, D. & Maeng, J. (2020). Learning about the nature of science through authentic science experiences.  In W. McComas (Ed.) Nature of Science in Science Instruction. Science: Philosophy, History and Education (pp. 675-695). Springer, Cham. PDF.
  • Tsybulsky, D. (2020). Self-reported reasons for participating in pro-environmental citizen science activities: A case study of butterfly monitoring in Israel. Frontiers in Education (section STEM Education), 5, 1-10PDF.
  • Tsybulsky, D. (2020). Digital curation for promoting personalized learning: A study of secondary-school science students’ learning experiences. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, Special Issue on Personalized Learning, 52(3), 429-440. PDF.
  • Tsybulsky, D. (2020). Conceptual trends and issues in biology didactics. Review of the book Teaching Biology in Schools by K. Kampourakis and M.J. Reiss (Eds.). Science and Education, 29, 483-485.  PDF.
  • Tsybulsky, D., Gateneo-Kalush, M., Abuganem, M. & Grobgeld, E. (2020). Experiences of preservice teachers exposed to project-based learning. European Journal of Teacher Education, 43(3), 368-383. PDF.
  • Mucnik-Rozanov, Y. & Tsybulsky, D.  (2020). Linguistic analysis of science teachers’ narrative with the AntConc software. In E. Kennedy & Y. Qian (Eds.),  Advancing Educational Research with Emerging Technology, (pp. 211-230)Hershey, PA: IGI Global. PDF.  doi: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1173-2.ch010 Video Abstract

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